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So cool, so fun, lets get on the water!

You have seen boats like Topsider Tour's luxury Rigged Inflatable Boat (RIB).   Usually, it is the Coast Guard or Navy cruising along chasing down the bad guys out on the open ocean.  In our case, the Walker Bay 525 will welcome up to 6 guests that will be comfortably seated around the boat where everyone can talk and enjoy the sights and feel the exhilaration as we skim above the water experiencing the waterways like no other boat can. The boat has a complete fiberglass shell like any other boat, but then we have large hypalon inflatable tubes with multiple air chambers that lets the boat gently glide above the water below.  Our boat is at home in the intercoastal waterway as well as near shore in the Gulf of Mexico.   As we tour the ICW channels and bays, we will get into areas where most boats can only dream of going since we float in just a few inches of water.


Our boat is not a big, crowded tour boat and because of this, it may not be for everyone.  Our cruises are ALWAYS  private charters just for the amount of people in your party up to six (6) people.   You will have a great time and you'll have memories from your adventure forever.   We have storage on board for your drinks, beach bags and more.  

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