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Hobie Pedal Kayak

Like riding a bike on water

From the first minute you are on our Hobie pedal kayaks, you will wonder why you don't have some of these in your garage.  As you start pedaling you'll feel the boat glide across the water like magic.  Your hand can turn the rudder with ease and get you closer to wildlife, nature and fun.  As we go through the mangroves or through the shallow water, you will have a front row seat to see the fish, dolphins and manatees that are as curious about you as you are about them.  

These kayaks are fast, sturdy and fun.   From calm waters to the gentle waves in the no-wake zones we traverse, your  kayak will go through anything with minimal effort.  You can also pedal quicker for a more heart pounding experience.  From a gentle cruise through the bar to a more cardio fun workout, we can go at your pace.  

We''ll pull up to a sandbar or island for you to take a break and catch your breath or just simply to take in the scenery.  Because you have a hand free at all times, you can have your camera ready to take your next amazing photo.   

We have all Hobie kayaks in our fleet including d Hobie Mirage Duo and iTrek Ultralight  inflatables.   All are fun, comfortable and will leave you with a smile on your face.

If you have limited or no ability to use your lower body for pedal kayaking we have can get you out on the kayak with a motor assisting you!  Check out the video below.

OUR FLEET INCLUDES (click picture for additional info):

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