Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get stop at a tiki bar, sandbar, beach or even restaurant on our cruise?

Yes, we can customize your private charter for what you want to do.  For almost all cruises we stop at the beach or an island.  Our boat can slide into just about any dock or beach.

Where do the tours take place?

We have our favorites that include:  Nokomis & Venice Tour | Siesta Key - Turtle Beach | Stump Pass Park & Englewood | Boca Grande Bayou & Sandbar.  We will work through the specifics with you prior to tour day.  

Can we bring alcoholic or other types of beverages?

Yes, absolutely.  You are welcome to bring water, soft drinks, beer or white or sparkling wine - NO RED WINE.  We have a couple of coolers that can hold your drinks.  Champagne is provided for the sunset cruise.

We have more than 6 people, what can we do?

Contact us and we can recommend a larger boat company for you. 

What should we bring on the tour?

We recommend the following:  Hat, sunscreen, comfortable shorts and shirt.  If you plan to get into the water at any point, please bring a towel.   We do not take responsibility for any of your electronic items or keys,  it is highly recommended to bring a zip lock or other waterproof bag. DO NOT bring a large cooler, We have coolers on-board or you can bring your own personal small cooler.

Can we bring our dog or other pet?

Sorry, no.  For the comfort of you and your pet, we do not allow animals on board.

Can I get additional information on your boat?

Yes, you can click here.

Can we swim off the boat? 

This is your private charter, we can customize the trip for you. 

Do we need any experience to go on a Kayak adventure?

Absolutely not. We will let you know everything you need to know about pedal kayaking.  

What is pedal kayaking?

Unlike regular kayaking, you sit and pedal the kayak almost like a floating recumbent bike.

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